Dominican Republic weather, 19.10.2015

Good Morning
Low pressure influence rises from the north and will bring nationwide showers and thunderstorms. The west of the country will be more affected than the east, around the tourist areas Punta Cana / Bavaro. However, even rain showers can take place here as well. But in between the sun shines repeatedly for a long time and the temperatures remain at a pleasant 30 degrees Celsius. The wind blows only weak to moderate from ... east / southeast. These conditions should persist for a week, but there is a highly chance that it remain sunny in the east on Thursday and Friday. The Hurricane season is almost over, but November comes, the month what means the rainy season for the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately the weather is so complicated for predicting, that I can do it for a maximum of 2 days in advance, so no all over forecast can be provided for November. However, it is true that 65% of all Novembers are one of the wettest months in the Dominican Republic.

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